CANYON CITY: Mixing his indie-folk roots with pop hooks and sparse, airy production, Canyon City is the moniker for Nashville-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Paul Johnson.
Johnson created Canyon City as a safe haven for honest music from & for the heart. The signature “moderncana” style struck a chord with the viral breakout record, Midnight Waves in late 2016, and again with follow up Constellation in 2017, the young catalog amassing over 65 million streams to date. As NPR notes, “Paul Johnson’s warm, bright folk-pop songs feel like letters from a friend.”
Across releases CC offers up timeless, classic music for a modern world. It’s 21st century folk music, lightly layered with piano, keyboards, waves of ringing reverb, and the occasional percussion groove. At the heart of every song is a message, a mellow melody, and the voice of a singer/songwriter who knows how to pack a punch without breaking a sweat. Thanks to the passion of the listening community, Canyon City continues to build & grow, one minimalist song at a time.

Support from JOSHU: Raised in Antigua, West Indies on a potent mixture of Bob Dylan, calypso, and the ocean, Joshu is bringing a new island sound to the world. With notes of Jack Johnson and Jose Gonzalez, his writing resonates with the laid back lyricist in all of us. A Caribbean childhood steeped in the eclectic musical tastes of his parents, from Mozart to Belafonte, has inspired a beautiful combination of groove and folk, which is captured effortlessly on both stage and record.

Three singles deep this year (find them at and with a growing fan base, Joshu is hard at work producing a solo EP, set to be a small taste of his songwriting capability. Between recording sessions he has been travelling the US and Europe, performing and busking in his signature open, impromptu style.

Now on his debut UK solo tour, Joshu is bringing his ability to create a unique feeling of connection to an English audience for the first time.