KLEZMER-ISH: Klezmer-ish is what happens when four classically trained musicians let their hair down, explore a wide range of music from travelling people across the world and fuse it all together into their own unique sound. Through exploring the music of immigrants from all sorts of musical and cultural backgrounds Klezmer-ish take us on a musical journey through klezmer, tangos, gypsy jazz, Irish fiddle music, Italian folk music and much more.

What makes them special is the rigorous nature of working in a full-time orchestra (they are all members of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) and their individual backgrounds and passions as people and musicians. There is so much to explore and the incredible diversity of their repertoire is pretty unique.

The style of the musical output of the band is not aiming for perfect copies of originals or trying to play in an ‘authentic’ style but inspired by original tunes tailored and re-worked to their own personal taste, giving them an original twist. All the music is original and arranged by the band.

Meet the band:

Tom Verity (Clarinets & Whistles)
Tom plays clarinet with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and is also a member of the Sterling Trio. In his free time he loves playing jazz piano.

Rob Shepley (Guitar, Violin, Vocals)
Rob is the sub-principal viola of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra … but late at night he gets out his fiddle and guitar and plays anything from gypsy jazz to old-school rock.

Connie Del Vecchio (Piano Accordion, Violin)
Connie is a sub-principal violinist of the Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra, but she started her musical career on the piano accordion aged 3!

Marcel Becker (Double Bass)
Marcel is the leader of the double bass section of the Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra – and a massive salsa fan!