LUKE TUCHSCHERER (pronounced Tuck-Shearer) is an acclaimed British singer/songwriter based in New York City.

He released his second album, Always Be True, through Clubhouse Records on 2 June 2017. The album entered the UK’s Official Country Chart at #17, rising to #15 the following week. It entered the Americana Chart at #25. His third album, Pieces, was released through Clubhouse on 6 July 2018.

Here’s what people are saying about Pieces so far:

“If you like Springsteen, Petty et al, then you should definitely purchase this album of unostentatiously classy masculine rock.”

– Rock N Reel (5/5)

“A gloriously unholy racket. A hugely enjoyable punch-the-air album with depth and power. A delight from start to finish.”

– Americana UK (8/10)

“Apart from writing melodies that hit hard and take an age to fade from your mind, his lyrics are just as powerful. Even with so much great new music currently out there it’s no exaggeration to say that Pieces must feature in those best of 2018 end of year lists.“

– Penny Black Music

“Luke Tuchscherer shakes off the country label and fires up the volume.”

– Roots Highway

“Both a fresh start and a return to the past, music inspired by largely American icons finding its way back home. Luke Tuchscherer comes out all guns – not to mention guitars – blazing.”

– Dancing About Architecture

“Fuzzy guitars and razor-sharp observations will appeal to the rockier end of the Americana world. Tip top.”

– Rocking Magpie

“Frantic, melodic and very energetic rock songs… Timelessly magnificent.”

– Real Roots Café

“The follow-up to last year’s Always Be True is a far tougher, rockier proposition, the now New York-based singer returning to the harder hitting roots rock he played in The Whybirds now that they’ve finally called it a day. The band may be no more, but as this album amply demonstrates, Tuchscherer’s integrity remains undiminished.”

– Fatea Magazine

“Luke Tuchscherer has taken a turn towards the harder, rockier end of the Americana spectrum, which may well appeal to those who favour the rockier moments of Steve Earle, Tom Petty and Springsteen. If you like your music to have a rockier edge then these pieces will fall into place.”

– Lonesome Highway

There’s only one place to hear this live – Downstairs in the GREEN NOTE.

Luke will also be performing songs from his earlier albums and if you ask nicely maybe a Whybird song or two…