HIDÈ TAKEMOTO: Come see Hidè’s ‘magic fingers’ that blend Indian, Spanish, Celtic, Japanese, blues, pop, rock, heavy metal on his guitar. With special guest English folk singer/songwriter Tim Hopkins.
Classically trained in Japan and at prestigious Guildhall School of Music in London, Hidè epitomises the tradition, compounding classical literacy and the finger-style artistry.
“Beautiful. The melody sounds great.”  Grammy Award winner David Russell, on ‘Dear Mum,’
“…so very beautiful. You made me cry.” —  Welsh traditional folk-singer/harpist Siân James on Welsh folk song arrangements.
Hidè’s guitar technique can be traced back via Keigo Fujii, José Luis Gonzaléz, Andrés Segovia, Miguel Llobet to the great Francisco Tárrega.
“I used to be a good classical guitar player,” he explains. “But I’m really interested in blending any styles like blues, jazz, rock, heavy metal with all kinds of music into the music of classical guitar.”