JAZ DELOREAN: Jaz Delorean is the lead singer from Tankus the Henge – under Jaz’s stewardship, they have built their reputation on unforgettable songwriting and spectacular live performances. But Jaz can deliver as a solo act!

His repertoire is wildly eclectic. Inspiration comes from bar-room piano players of the Old West to New Orleans inspired swing to boogie-woogie. Coupled with mournful melodies of his Cypriot ancestry to Blockheads influenced party music! The songs that he sings and plays on the piano draw from a patchwork of comic and tragic stories from his growing up around a travelling funfair. Jaz’s music defies categorisation. The hair-raising show is like no other, has to be seen and heard to be believed.

Jaz will be performing an intimate solo gig from White Noise Studio just outside Bristol for patrons of Green Note living within a 80 mile radius of the venue. White Noise Studio has been live streaming for the last few months and the concert will be professionally streamed securely with multiple HD cameras, top quality audio mixed live and the ability to chat live with Jaz during the show (via the chat function).

After purchasing you will receive an invite to the show with an access code. This can only be used once so please do not share this code.

The ‘moment’ will be just that and the show will not be able to be viewed after the event.