: “She is not just a songwriter, nor accomplished musician, nor poignant entertainer – I have been awed by the soul-punching talent of Krista Detor..”WNC Magazine (Feb. 2015)

MusicDish magazine calls her work: “ Richard Wright’s ‘Manchild in the Promised Land’ or the musical equivalent of Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Dreams‘;” The Allmusic Guide calls her “An artist of rare ability with a deep poetic gift,” and Rolling Stone, “A small miracle.”

Krista Detor’s solo albums have reached national and international prominence, including #1 on the Euro-Americana Chart, and placement within the top 10 of the U.S. Folk and Independent Music charts, but she is no ordinary songwriter: Detor has been involved in several award-winning collaborations, including the highly-acclaimed ‘Wilderness Plots,’ (PBS national), for which she and fellow writers, including American College of Arts & Letters inductee author Scott Russell Sanders, were recognized by the Indiana Legislature for contributions to the arts (2010), and which resulted in (2) Emmy nominations and a Golden Eagle award.

She was the only American woman invited to The BBC’s Darwin Songhouse Project, Shrewsbury England (2009); Says Neil Pearson, Producer of the project: “Krista is one of the very finest modern songwriters at writing within character; and her ability to convey the emotions of the people that inhabit her songs is utterly convincing and believable.. The compelling way the narratives are delivered make one of the most flexible and empathetic writers. Her understanding of the human condition and her ability to express the motivation for her characters give her songs real impact and resonance with the listener.”

She has been commissioned to write musical theatre for The U.S. Dept. of State in New Delhi, India (2012); For the Indiana Arts Commission (2013); and has written commissioned choral pieces for several national and int’l choirs. In addition, she’s been a returning presenter at Stanford University, wherein, her album, ‘Chocolate Paper Suites’ was a multi-year ‘required reading’ assignment for the literature course, “The ‘isms of Modernism,” in which students sought to explore modernism’s impact on, and negotiation with, contemporary culture and art. Says Dr. Rod Taylor of the album, “This album provides an excellent example of how the most salient elements of modernist art and philosophy persist in postmodern culture. Its poetic and intertextual lyrics, captivating melodies, meaningful organization, and complex narrative thread will undoubtedly lead to rich discussions among my students.” She has conducted songwriting seminars, performances and presentations at universities and arts centers throughout the world.

Most recently (Feb. 2015), she was Artist-in-Residence at the prestigious Hedgebrook foundation.

Beginning March, 2015, she is touring as a performer in her hybrid musical theatre piece, ‘The Breeze Bends The Grass’ – co-written with Pushcart nominee & playwright T.K. Lee and TED-X spoken-word performer Arbutus Cunningham – a work based on the lives of 4 women artists at the turn of the 20th century. The show will travel extensively throughout the U.S. In addition, Krista will tour the U.S., Canada and Europe and the UK, as an acoustic performer. She’s shared stages with Victor Wooten, Loudon Wainwright, The Neville Bros. and Suzanne Vega, among many others.

“A small miracle. Wonderful, intensive music, she would be good on every stage in the world” Rolling Stone

“Krista’s voice is two parts holy and one part hussy, perfectly complimented by expert piano work that will leave you wrung-out but ready for more. I can’t say enough about this super-dope soul out of the Indiana outback, she’s the TRUTH!” Ace Ha, Producer for Geffen Records.y, mythology, folk wisdom, and surprise.” – Matt Watroba, Sing Out! magazine