Richie Healy: Healy’s gothic folk-noir work on his 2nd self-released album, The Perilous Tree, is drawn from a place deep in the soul of the man, deeper, darker, as captivating and bleak as the midwinter Raven. Best served late at night in darkness while sipping a large whiskey.

+ ELISE is our special guest showcasing her soon to be self released debut EP, GOLD, with her captivating solo set, her delivery is reminiscent of the same rich influences of a young Melody Gardot.

+ Kate McDonald is another Irish singer songwriter who draws you in to her songs, immediately, with her rich gentle vocals and lyrics. There is a certain vulnerability in her delivery, that few artists exude, naturally.

Expect all three acts to interact and work organically together throughout all sets, as they are all living branches of The Perilous Tree. Or as weekend farmer Richie says, “we are all in the same field”. There are Only 2 Unplugged Gigs confirmed in the UK for 2019, so dont miss this rich,dark,gothic,folk noir evening with its roots deep in the americana folk blues genres of modern-day songwriting and poetry. There might even be a special spoken word “Bard of Ballyfoyle” moment, if the pull of the moon is just right.


**All Artists Richie Healy & Friends on this bill are all currently unsigned.**