Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to time travel to the 1920s and back again? Join SARA SPADE & THE NOISY BOYS for a fun packed journey through all the best music of the roaring twenties and of course some new 2020 material written by Sara.

Showcased along the way are some of the best twenties fashions and if you want to be an It Girl a Flapper or a Bright Young Thing there are tips for the ladies on how to stay flat in front and flat behind! Hear the first ever commercial radio jingle (please join in) and experience Sara’s special musical tribute to Laurel and Hardy in her very own talkie. Celebrate the Ford Model T (audience members will be provided with their own vintage car horn). Wear your own twenties style (choose which century) and enjoy Sara’s unforgettably versatile voice and ukulele playing as she sings The Blues Cotton Club style and shows you how to Charleston. Maybe if you’re lucky the Noisy Boys will do their very own Banana Dance as per the gorgeous Josephine Baker. How could you possibly miss it?

“She has a fantastic voice – her band makes me want to dance… they have that magical element which is almost impossible to put your finger on!”
– Jools Holland

“Takes a lot to make a tired old vicar hit the dance floor. Loved it.”
– Reverend Richard Coles