THE CURST SONS unique take on Americana mixes traditional roots genres with gutsy live shows and powerful original songs. They have been performing their original American roots influenced music since 1998.

Their biggest appeal is that they manage to stay true to American folk music’s rich lineage, while throwing in enough curve balls to piss off the folk puritanicals. AMERICANA UK


They gnarl and twist together elements of bluegrass, rockabilly, country and blues and spew forth a sound that is instantly recognisable as their own. What may be overlooked is the fact that the Curst Sons are damn fine songwriters as well as potent lyricists.

If it is true that the Devil has all the best tunes, then he must undoubtedly have nicked some of them from The Curst Sons. Ken Brown FATEA

One of the best, if most unlikely, acts to come out of Brighton – hands down – this brilliant trio plays bluegrass, gospel and rockabilly as if their lives and loves depended on it, mixing Americana classics with tuneful originals full of superior lyrics. Time Out

Got everybody jumpin’- a great band. Jonnie Walker BBC Radio 2

I’ll tell you what that was absolutely fantastic. If you look out the window and there’s a slight breeze that’s God nodding, and that’s a pretty good revue. Mark Lamarr BBC RADIO 2

They’ve got humour and soul and there’s absolutely nothing else like them. MORNING STAR

The Curst Sons never fail to deliver a foot-stompin, barnstorming performance of such intensity you’re left grinning like an idiot by the end! Hastings Independent Press

Considering that most of the time there are just the three of them on stage, they manage to play the songs with more power & intensity than I have ever seen from a full band. MAVERICK

Be prepared to laugh, to cry and to DANCE!

The Curst Sons are –

Willi Kerr              -Vocals, Percussion.
Tim Dunkerley   -Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals.

Dave Simner      -Guitar, Banjo, Vocals. – Scott Smith is Currently standing in for Dave Simner