Roundtable Collective presents…


It’s been my life’s work mastering the great American musical traditions of blues, rock & roll, country and soul. In pursuit of this goal, I’ve had the privilege of performing to audiences all over the world and alongside some of my heroes.

You can come and see me do my thing with a host of great musicians, where we hope to touch some of the magic of old with the classics and make a little of our own with original material.



With support from DOM GLYNN

Hailing from Birmingham, UK, singer-songwriter Dom Glynn cut his teeth in the midlands making a name for himself as a troubadour marked by an arresting honest. His song-writing draws clear inspiration from the likes of Folk and Blues legends Bob Dylan, Rory Gallagher and Townes Van Zandt. Songs, which in taking on a thematic focus of religion an existential frustration, drive the emotional roller-coaster to braver depths, leaving some audience members questioning their reality. His debut E.P. ‘Waster’s Blues’ drops August 9th via Spiritual Records.