The Trans-Atlantic Happiness Project: Classic songs and little-known gems. Beautifully rendered.

The duo of Susanna Macdonald (voice) and Kevin Barrett (guitar) perform a quirky collection of jazz standards, pop classics and folk songs, with a particular emphasis on Scottish and Canadian composers. Known collectively as ‘The TAHP’ (Trans-Atlantic Happiness Project), they have toured across Scotland and Canada, and most recently played in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Susanna Macdonald is a singer/songwriter based in Edinburgh, with a voice as clear as a bell, and a knack for beautiful phrasing.
Kevin Barrett is a guitarist, producer and composer based in Toronto, Canada, known as a passionate soloist, a first-rate accompanist, and a versatile and creative side musician.

Susanna and Kevin met in Edinburgh’s famous Sandy Bell’s pub several years ago, and perform together whenever geography and circumstance permit.