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I Fratelli Tarzanelli springs from the natural agreement between the violin and the accordion, but also from the encounter between two musicians. Pablo and Baltazar created their duo in 2007: Baltazar brings his Hungarian influence, his talent as an improviser, and his very personal way of making his instrument vibrate. Pablo brings to bear his Italian influences, his steady rhythmical accompaniment and his range of basses, perfectly sustaining the violin, and keeping a very lively contact with the dance and the dancers. They will take you on a trip, and will make you travel, laugh, cry, and dance. Relax, and let them invite you into their universe…

‘What cannot be denied, as with their previous albums, is the sheer quality and attack of their dance tune playing. Paulo’s [sic] diatonic accordeon and Baltazar’s (mainly) baritone fiddle combine beautifully to make exciting, very danceable sounds with a strong suggestion that these two are enjoying themselves hugely,’ Review of ‘Antipodes’, Vic Smith, fRoots magazine

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