Lourdes Fernandez Flamenco company present RAÍCES 
Lourdes Fernandez – dancer
Adrian Sola – guitar
Demi Garcia – drums
Abraham Carmona – singer
Flamenco goes straight to the soul and charms all kinds of audiences. It is also a very technical and intransigent art due to its complex inaccessible rhythmic and visual language.
In light of this, Raíces flamencas offers a heterogeneous interpretation, drawing on but departing from traditionalism to achieve an eclectic presentation born from the fusion with folklore, copla, jazz and other styles. During the show, the spectator will experience a variety of vibrations. These have been carefully studied and rehearsed to an extent but the audience will be able to capture original moments of improvisation. After all, improvising is that makes flamenco a distinct approach to music.