PORCHLIGHT SMOKER: ‘Musically dazzling, foot-stomping, whooping, mind-blowing wonderment. A heady mix of quality music and a feelgood factor of 10 out of 10’ Newbury Weekly News

The band’s style has been described by American Roots UK as ‘high-quality roots music that contains a blend of edgy country and British folk, played by a tremendously talented four piece band with excellent vocals and harmonies that few can match’.

All the members are multi-instrumentalists, playing a wealth of acoustic instruments like mandolin, dobro, banjo, double-bass, harmonica – even clarinet. Three lead vocalists – Scott Smith, from Wichita, Kansas, Steve Bell from Dundee and London-born Fred Gregory – bring their international mix of vocal and songwriting styles together to form the band’s unique sound.

‘Exquisite architects of highly effective originals and cool covers’ Three Chords and the Truth

Water Into Sand is an absolute gem; sunshine music from the South Coast. Porchlight Smoker are a lovely band Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

A timeless record, fusing elements of folk, bluegrass and country. Not every day you hear so many instruments played – guitar, banjo, mandolin, double bass, sparse percussion and even a jew’s harp. Lots of strings. I like that Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

Laced with splendid musicianship, pleasing harmonies, enchanting stories and beautiful compositions, Porchlight Smoker 2 is a gem Maverick Magazine

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