Gorgeous new songs from the imminent fourth album of ROSIE BROWN and her whole band of beauties, as they bring their heady, country-tinged, jazz-infused sound back to the Green Note. Harmony-drenched finger-pickin’ loveliness from Bernd Rest (guitar) and Simon C Russell (bass); drums from the inimitable Paul May; trumpet from the sweet-lipped Robin Hopcraft; the works…

**** Mojo
“As fresh and enveloping as morning mist – and as disquietingly opaque ¡©– the music of Rosie Brown weaves a wondrous spellŠ and the effect is bewitching. She is partnered by producer and co-writer Bernd Rest, whose neat guitar parts (along with Russell’s double bass, and the general air of drippiness) recall vintage John Martyn. But the post-Norah subtlety (acoustic group at its core), post-Portishead portent (neurotic bluesy dissonance) and post-Zero 7 lounge-chill results in uniquely affecting sounds which unsettle as they seduce.”

**** Q
“Elemental, sensual… conjures something evocative of Les Paul backed by Goldfrapp.”