AHMED MUKHTAR: Ahmed Mukhtar is a master of the Oud and Iraqi Music heritage. His music reflects Arabic history, classic music and its mysticism, and his playing takes you to the cafés, alleys and minarets of Middle East. Mukhtar was born in Baghdad, where he studied music; also he has granted master’s degree in performance from SOAS- London.

Tonight celebrating the release of his latest CD, VISIONS OF IRAQ.

The unfretted Oud may be the hardest of all instruments to play, with its delicately flattened intervals, but Mukhtar extracts magic: he can make it dream, gallop, or thunder, and he uses silence to great effect” The Independent

Ahmed Mukhtar’s blessed fingers fashioning shades and shapes from his instrument that most people can only dream of. Veering from sprightly melodic segments to passages of innovative strokes and strums, the effect is a unique excursion to the heart and soul of sensual acoustics.” People Sound