AURELIUS: Aurelius are an improvising instrumental trio led by double bassist and composer Marcus Penrose. They have been playing together as a trio since 2015, playing original compositions written by all members of the band. Marcus and pianist Will Butterworth have been playing music together extensively since 2003 and together with drummer Marco Quarantotto have developed a trust and knowledge of each others playing which allows an instinctive, fearless approach whenever they play. They share a collective interest in finding beauty in all its forms within the corners of their improvisation possess a spirit of limitless possibility. They released their first album, ‘The Process’  in late 2018.
Marcus Penrose – Double bass
Will Butterworth – Piano
Marco Quarantotto – Drums

‘‘I think it sounds fantastic. All three are playing beautifully. Great sounds, compositions and beautiful use of space. Very happy to have heard it‘‘……. Larry Grenadier

” There’s a sense that this trio are being completely true to their musical selves. It’s a beautiful album, to be listened to again and again”…… London Jazz News

” There is much to admire about the trio’s delicate group interplay and their absorbing compositions”……. Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann)