BirdWorld is a musical partnership between Gregor Riddell and Adam Teixeira featuring cello, drum set, percussion and electronics. The duo met during self-directed Banff Creative Residencies where they discovered a shared interest in blending electronic and acoustic sounds. Since Adam immigrated to the UK in 2014 they have continued to develop BirdWorld with highlights including a re:sound hosted performance at Union Chapel filmed by NTS Live Radio Station, performances across the UK, Norway, France and Germany and collaborations with artists including Chris Pruden, Alex Stuart, Shiva Feshareki, Kit Downes, Streifenjunko and Vilde&Inga.

BirdWorld was recently commissioned by the London Contemporary Orchestra to write an electronic score in collaboration with Ioana Sisea. Upcoming plans include a performance at the Sonos Studios, Frome (UK) and ├śrsta (Norway) festivals, a live broadcast on Cashmere Radio (Berlin) and recording their debut album in autumn 2016 with support from Help Musicians UK.

The Mosaic Nights are a monthly series of concerts held at the Green Note.
Curated by cellist Shirley Smart, the series features bands and projects which lie in the spaces between jazz, world, folk amd classical music.