CALICO the band is Kirsten Proffit and Manda Mosher. Kirsten & Manda came from individual singer/songwriter careers until Calico brought them together. As powerful as each is individually, an undeniable magic occurs when their writing and voices come together. It’s at the heart of their debut album, Rancho California, which is replete with singularly strong songwriting chops, rich harmonies, and a pervasive Americana passion. Like the expansive spirit of Laurel Canyon that spawned so many famous bands and artists, now comes this new spirit, rooted in the vast valleys and canyons of L.A.

“Just when it seemed that the term ‘Americana’ was being hopelessly diluted and unfocused, along comes CALICO the band to define the term for us with new vigor and focus. In the hands and spirit of these gifted ladies, all of whom have had thriving solo careers, Americana is reborn in the spirit of Laurel Canyon, the spirt of the great songwriters (Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, etc.) who flourished there. It’s there in lyrics which speak with urgency of modern times, with music of great passion and beauty, cloaked in warm acoustics and close harmonies. Rancho California picks up that torch and lights up these lyrical songs with great purity and love.”
– Paul Zollo, American Songwriter Magazine

“Rancho California is to music as Technicolor was to film in the 50’s and 60’s.”
– Jefferson Läufer, Rock Bands of LA

“The best of L.A.’s country past, present and future clearly emerges from Calico’s debut, Rancho California.”
– Terry Roland, No Depression

TED RUSSELL KAMP writes, records and travels the world performing his own country/roots/Americana music from his seven critically-acclaimed albums. Ted also plays live, records sessions, and collaborates on songs with A-list songwriters and musicians in Nashville, Austin and around the world.

Ted is well known for his ability to step into bands and rock all genres of music — the decades he spent holding down the bottom end for bands as diverse as Shooter Jennings and Wilson Phillips made sure Ted had the chops for anything from major festivals to David Letterman appearances.

The last few years have found Ted focusing on his own career. He tours continuously in the US and Europe, and has been releasing his solo albums to critical acclaim. His records have debuted at #1 on the Euroamericana Chart and made the US Americana Chart’s Top 100 Records of the Year.