JOHANNA GLAZA is an independent London-based artist writing long baroque folk songs with an avant-garde twist. With her bewitching voice and engaging melodies Johanna is a unique and captivating performer whose songs seethe with character and mystery.

“Possesses an undercurrent of fearsome wonderment…Immediately impressive.” – THE 405

”Out of this world and striking.”– WONDERLAND

“Wonderfully off piste“ – CLASH


SEPHINE LLO’s “I, Your Moon” is a debut album of wonder and beauty. A blend of at times gentle melancholia taking its roots from folk, but layered with electronic glitches and distortion. A sound blanketed in a rich tapestry of multi-instrumentation and unique compositions. It’s a sound that is ethereal, with soaring and sonically explosive crescendos, and a glitchy heart that pumps an electronic warmth throughout.

“Steeped in both folk and modern classical, the fluttering electronics are reminiscent of Bjork’s more opaque compositions.” – CLASH

“Ethereal, ghostly soundscapes that draw quick comparisons to Florence Welch or Kate Bush.” – WONDERLAND

“I’m sure she’s the only artist that we’ve played this week who has also featured on Radio 3’s Late Junction!” – Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 MUSIC


Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist CAMPBELL SIBTHORPE’s music paints rich, beautifully striking stories of love and death with the tenderness of Sufjan Stevens and the flourishing complexities of Fleet Foxes. Sibthorpe’s innate curiosity for the unknown deepens in his wrestle to find where the divine meets the tragic, ecstatic or mundane; all this colliding amongst a backdrop of soaring melodies and brash emotion.

“59 to King’s Cross…it’s simple, but it’s authentic, and it’s melancholiac, 
 and it’s simply wonderful” – Richard Pitt (BBC INTRODUCING)