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Casey Black + support

Casey Black is a gravel-voiced literary singer songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Son of Charlie Black, a Hall of Fame country songwriter, Casey wrote professionally for three years as one of the youngest signed writers on Music Row, until he became unhappy with the songs and moved to LA when he was 21. He made two records there, the first of which was listed in the top 10 amongst KCRW deejay Tricia Halloran’s Best Records of the Year.

Casey moved to New York to attend Columbia University in 2008. There, he stumbled upon a thriving folk scene, and met one of its figureheads, Niall Connolly, a singer songwriter from Ireland. He made two records in New York and began touring Europe with Connolly, and then Mick Flannery. In 2013 he returned to the country outside of Nashville, where he recently finished his forthcoming record, See The Black Sea, which will be released in Europe on September 11, 2015, on Tonetoaster Records (Germany).

Casey, who owns more books than he does records, writes a literary lyric in the conversational, storytelling style. His beat is the darker side of Americana, and of the psyche. As KCRW’s Tricia Halloran put it, his songs just might “restore one’s faith in the lost art of damn fine songwriting.”