Roundtable Collective presents…

CROOKED WEATHER have gone through many incantations over the various albums during the decade since the project set chart across time and space with Will Bladen (aka Willis Weather) at the notorious helm!

The CW juggernaut hailing from North East Yorkshire has carved out its cosmic trail through dreaded gauntlets of Fleetwood Mac esque dramas, extended months of thumbing their way across the deserts of Australia and glaciers of New Zealand, all bear foot sustained by just a pocket full of beans and the generosity and big hearts of all the fine folks they met on the road who they can safely call friends and family!

2021 saw yet another incantation of the project with London’s own fiddle maestro, Duncan Menzies (Copper Viper, PerKelt, Stolen Band) joining flanks over the festive season in addition to childhood friend, also named Will and whom the band affectionately refer to as ‘Wilky Wees’ on keys and of course last but not least, longtime pillar of the band and the East-Riding music scene in general, hero and legend that is Double D Dave on beats!

With support from COPPER VIPER + ESME WHITE