New Roots presents….

4-piece DAI & THE RAMBLERS have recorded two critically acclaimed albums, Duw Duw and Bon Bon, crammed full of their rhythm & blues spiced brand of Cajun and New Orleans soaked soul, folk and jazz. The upright bass, guitar, piano and fiddle 4-piece have a serious pedigree- between them they’ve played with Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Richard Thompson, Bob Geldof, Loudon Wainwright and The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Wonderful musicianship matched to superb songwriting from Dai Price makes for a set of songs that feel instantly familiar, like classics that have been around forever. Dai & The Rambers ooze class; brilliant musicians, brilliant songs, brilliantly played.

“I love his voice; I love the whole band.” Paul Heaton (The Beatiful South)

“Absolutely gorgeous… They make a beautiful sound.” Janice Long (BBC Radio 2)

“Righteous and loose… contagious and worth spreading” Alan Cackett (Maverick)

“A joyous romp… will raise your spirits and gladden your heart” Michael Farley (Americana UK)



New Roots is committed to promoting events that shine a light on up and coming talent in the UK alt-folk scene. It’s committed to providing artists with an environment that is sympathetic to what they do, giving musicians the respect they and their music deserves – for this reason we ask for no talking and no use of mobile phones while artists are performing. Our music policy comes from the kitchen table, the roots of public performance- intimate, acoustic based, high quality musicianship with as little interference between performer and listener as possible.

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