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“A twinkling paean to the quiet joys of escapist daydreams” PRS M-Magazine / “Record of note” Roddy Hart, BBC Radio Scotland

DAVID LUXIMON (formerly Vive La Rose) releases his new album “Duty Of Care” on eco-colour vinyl via Last Night From Glasgow.

Self produced and engineered by Olly Betts (The Duke Spirit) and Simon Willey (Bryan Ferry/Prince), the album features cover art from Vinyl Artwork of the Year 2021 nominee Gareth Halliday (Africa Express/Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds).
Tipping a cap to 60’s psych rock with influences such as Captain Beefheart & David Axelrod, the album explores what it is to be kind in today’s society and within the cyclical roles we inhabit.
“Sounds great” John Kennedy, Radio X / “We like it very much” Ricky Ross, BBC Radio Scotlan/ “An instant classic” Scots Whay Hae


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