ELLY HOPKINS is an Irish-born singer and songwriter who weaves colourful experiences in life and music into a host of diverse and original songs.

A natural storyteller, Elly sings with a distinctive and soulful honesty, fusing influences from jazz and swing to folk, blues and Americana. Her unguarded and poetic lyrics conjure intimate portrayals of characters and places, melding catchy riffs and soaring choruses with bright melodic lines.

Hopkins had a peripatetic childhood, playing fiddle with her West of Ireland family and singing country and folk songs with her English side.  She studied Drama as an undergraduate and came to her career in music later than most, following work as a London theatre director. While the theatre scene scratched an intellectual itch, Hopkins craved a more direct line of communication and after 7 years she cut loose and took a long solo trip New Orleans, spending day and night soaking up the sounds and traditions of the legendary town. On returning to the UK she moved to Bristol where she continues to be a part of the vibrant live music scene; as a lead vocalist with many different jazz projects, as well as writing and performing her original music.