TALENTBANQ presents… ERIN BOWMAN with support from HOPE WINTER

With parents who grew up in the 60’s, Erin Bowman has been listening and loving amazing music her entire life. Whether it was “Let it Be” by The Beatles, or “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen (a fellow New Jersey native), she was into it.

Her first single “Problem” was added to Sirius XM 20 on 20 and in 2 weeks was a top 5 requested song. Her next single “King Boy” trumped her first becoming the 5th most played song of the year on Sirius XM 20 on 20 while also selling over 20,000 copies, a major feat for an independent artist.Erin went on to write “Keep Me Warm,” a release that would play in a national US McDonald’s ad campaign for over a month, as well as receiving nationwide radio airplay.

Her  “Good Time Good Life” debuted on NBC’s This Is Us and was chosen by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to drive The Oscar’s 2017 promo aired on ABC for over 2 months. The Oscar promo lead to Bowman’s national TV debut on Good Morning America followed up with a performance at the Radio Disney Music Awards.

In March of 2018 Erin visited London for the first time meeting producers and co-writers that would bring a new direction to her life. She spent the next year working on her debut EP  ‘Apartment 101’ recorded here in London.

Erin now lives in London, is finishing her debut album and will be performing new tracks for us along with some high-energy classics.


Support from HOPE WINTER.