Once upon a time in the woods of wonders, there was a creature called FALLINN WOLFF – who lived in a cave with a little red piano and a cello. Fallinn Wolff loved stories. She would hear them in the trees, when the wind went through the leaves, in the waves of the water or the sound of the rain. Spooky and sad stories about the Farmer’s Daughter, the witch or a love that got lost and hopeful stories about a curious game and a new beginning. When it got dark, the creature crawled into its cave to share those stories with the cello and the little red piano. On those nights the people of the village heard wondrously music coming from the woods and they called it Fallinn Wolff’s dream pop.

Fallinn Wolff creates a fairytale of stories and melodies. The musical journey brings us to a magical world, to a creature called Fallinn Wolff. There is more than just beauty, there is also an ugly side to the world of dream pop, yes even weird things happening there.

The piano playing singer- songwriter (Linn Meissner) and the cellist (Beate Wolff) like to experiment with sounds, when making the stories of their songs come alive. Always trying to avoid the obvious pop clichee in their music. That is why they like to travel with a clanking, red toy piano and a multilingual cello.

The duo Fallinn Wolff was founded in 2009 while studying music at the ArtEZ Conservatory in the Netherlands.