North London’s FELIX HOLT creates a live show that is a compelling combination of finely honed songcraft and exhilarating, fluid spontaneity. Drawing inspiration from a range of traditions including folk, gospel, country, the blues, rock’n’roll, jazz and
psychedelic music, you’ll rarely see Holt perform the same set list, or even with the exact same band, who are hand-picked for each show from a small pool of some of London’s top musicians. On any given night you might hear piano, organ, drums/percussion, violin, bass, horn or guitar (be it electric, pedal/lap steel or resonator), all propelled by the enigmatic Holt’s mesmeric vocals, rhythm guitar and saxophone. To borrow a phrase coined by John Peel about legendary Prestwich band The Fall: “they are always different, they are always the same”.
Holt has previously shared the bill with such iconic musicians as Tom Paley, Spider John Koerner and Bonnie Dobson, and recent pre-covid months saw shows across Spain, Italy, Ireland and the UK, as well as the release of his debut album The Next Big Nobody on Maiden Voyage Recording Company, the label founded by Danny George Wilson of Danny and the Champions of the World and acclaimed PR man Del Day.
Not to be missed!