New Songs are like new shoes, you can’t wait to try them on and see how the walking goes. New Songs excite you, they make you feel fresh and rejuvenated, but they also pose new questions and summon new fears. Gabriel Moreno is an old-school troubadour who believes songs have lives and destines of their own and he has chosen The Green Note to showcase his latest creations. He will also play a selection of old favourites such as “Beautiful Lies” and “We are what we are” from the 2015 and 2017 albums, “Love and Decadence” and “Farewell Belief.”

Plus very special guests with their new musical offshoots.

GABRIEL MORENO is a singer-songwriter, poet, performer and lyricist with strong links to the London alternative Americana, Folk and singer songwriter scene. Curator of the acclaimed Lantern Society and artistic director of The Poetry Brothel London. Influenced by the likes of Cohen, Callahan, Cave and other poetical singers Moreno is known for powerful performances and endless streams of passion. Gabriel Moreno has been performing for the last 20 years in Gibraltar, Peru, Italy, Spain and The United Kingdom. After a successful debut EP in 2017. “Love & Decadence” (Amber Records) he released his second album with The Quivering Poets in October 2017, “Farewell Belief.” He has also published 10 books of poetry in both English and Spanish.