Wed 12th June 7:00pm
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£ 15.00

LOURDES FERNANDEZ: Like light and shade, night and day, life and death… the uplifting clapping, body percussion and guitar strumming give way to the mournful tones of the cante jondo… the mournful and profound sounds of the melting pot that is Andalucía forges a metal that shines with the light of it’s Sun.

This show is taking the viewer on a journey of the soul, on a rollercoaster of emotions. On command: four artists, the dancer, the singer , the percussionist and the guitarist with their compass set for a destination, that is, Flamenco, an island they know well and want the audience to explore along with them regardless of languages, borders, flags and colours, as Flamenco is a roadmap of the human soul.

With a minimal set up and few instruments the spectator will witness raw expression, and an intimate connection with the artists.

Dancer and director Lourdes Fernandez along with her top class musicians offers a show catered for all audiences, not only a pleasure for all the senses but a learning experience for everyone.

Thanks to their wide experience in diverse formations and performing to a variety of audiences and venues as well as teaching in workshops and regular classes.

Dance – Lourdes Fernández
Guitar – Adrián Solá
Voice – Carlos Lobo
Percussion – Demi Garcia

Doors open 7pm, Music starts 8.30pm. The venue is mixed seated and standing. Tables are limited, and available on a first come first served basis, so if you’d like a seat, we recommend arriving early!