The creative lives of EMMA TRICCA and JASON McNIFF have been linked for more than a decade now; braiding back to ad hoc late-night collaborations at The 12 Bar Club.
And in some alternate universe they assuredly reign the King and Queen of Folk.
Now a Bird companion of Jane Weaver Emma constructs fragile, beautiful vignettes of nostalgia and longing; her recent Relic part-jewel box, part ossuary. While McNiff composes his troubadour tales of place, space, time and poetry, and, of late, chaperones and accompanies Sylvie Simmons.
Tonight their talents braid again; they’ll sing their own songs, together and apart, and they’ll sing each others, and while it can hardly be the start of a beautiful friendship, it’s surely going be the start of a beautiful something. ”

‘(Mcniff) is a superior singer/writer’ No Depression
‘The Yorkshire Bob Dylan’ MOJO

‘Emma Tricca is carving folk’s new golden era’ MOJO
‘A quite triumph’ Time Out 5 stars