JESS MORGAN is a songwriter’s songwriter. Constantly touring, constantly writing, constantly striving to do better, to be better. Inspired by storytelling songwriters like Nancy Griffith, the playfulness of Devon Sproule and upfront British voices like Billy Bragg, expect a tumbler of unfancified roots music – with heart, with passion, with gusto.

Over the past few years Jess has been making a noise in the UK and further afield with a string of albums comprised of acutely observed, beautifully delivered country-folk ballads; song about travel, about people, about history, about love, about whatever the song needs. The songs are intimate, but not in that earnest, quiet way. There’s fire in Jess’ voice, the way it soars between notes like a bird in flight. It’s intimate, but it’s end of the night, lock-in at the bar, let’s get the nice whiskey out, intimate.

October 2016 sees the release of a brand new full-length LP from Jess Morgan and short string of very special tour dates bringing the new tracks to life with a bigger, cinematic band sound.

“musicianship dovetails well with her clever and understated songwriting” – The Telegraph
“gorgeous country folk” – The Guardian
“inventive and poignant” – R2 Magazine
“simply stunning” – Folk Radio UK
“making waves and turning heads” – R2 Magazine