JINDER is a UK based singer/songwriter, best known for his top 40 single ‘Keep Me In Your Heart’, featured in the smash hit movie ‘Fishermans Friends’ in 2019.
Jinder’s expansive new eleventh album ‘The Silver Age’ presents a weary, dystopian vision of a decimated post-technology world.
“Dynamic, sad, disturbing and reassuring in equal measure, ‘The Silver Age’ is unusual, inspiring and totally unique”-The Box fanzine


With support from VIC ALLEN.

“Vic is one of the most intriguing and interesting acts around at the moment.” – Lyric Magazine

A top 5 artist in the iTunes UK Country Chart, Vic Allen blends an acoustic-driven sound with strong influences from modern country music. Her music has received airplay on various BBC stations, and in March this year she opened up for Sarah Darling on her Wonderland tour. Vic is a founding member of “Write Like a Girl”, a movement that aims to put female songwriting talent in the spotlight.