“Kirby strikes a perfect lyrical density served up on a platter of sweet, driving indie-rock.”—The Wild Honey Pie

“Folk-suffused indie pop songs that are equal parts positive and melancholy, rich with the evocative scent of the past like a warm breeze off the desert.”— Various Small Flames

She has just released her 3-song Juniper EP last fall and she’s currently finishing her debut album.



Genevieve Dawson is a songwriter-singer, originally from Scotland and now based in London, she brings together a frank lyrical style with a rich and soulful tone, balancing the storytelling of her folk upbringing with an off-kilter approach to harmony and form. Her debut album, self-produced and recorded in a church with some of London’s finest jazz and folk musicians, is set for release in early 2020.
“Her songwriting knows no upper bounds…see her and her band at any opportunity you get’.” Bittersweet Symphonies