Laura has the rare ability to make a connection with each and every person in the audience that has them thinking she is singing solely to them” – Blues in Britain

LAURA HOLLAND is an exceptional singer. Double-award nominated, Laura sings with soul, personality and passion. She is inspired and energised by the classic sounds of Chess and Stax Records, including Otis Redding, Jimmy Reed, and many more. Laura is reminiscent of Billie Holiday and Etta James. Her “impassioned vocals delight” [The Blues magazine]. Laura appears in combinations from duo through to a full 7-piece band with brass section. Already featured on the covers of music magazines, Laura is an established festival performer. Her lively trio performances are fast winning her even more fans

It’s Holland’s bottomless vocal talents and clear natural ability to emote — crossing the great band/audience divide — without any discernible effort that lies at the heart of this excellent journey through soulful heyday Chess/Stax influenced originals” – Vintage Rock Magazine

A damn fine treat to the ears” – Blues Matters

Laura’s impassioned vocals delight” – The Blues Magazine