Lauren Lucille – jazz singer turned folk singer – effortlessly charms an audience with her stunning voice singing out her love letters and travel stories from Brisbane to London via Milan and Donegal!  She has a personal and natural stage presence and with her songs – a fusion of pop/soul/folk/jazz – she silences rowdy crowds across the globe! The Green Note is perfect to get up close and personal – don’t miss out!
“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift of your CD. Wow! Stunning work. You have an amazing gift. The musicianship is exquisite, the tonality of your voice and the sparseness of the arrangements – really comforting, compelling and inspiring. Thank you so much!!”
Jeff Pevar – Guitarist/composer/producer
(Ray Charles/Rickie Lee Jones/Crosby, Stills and Nash/James Taylor and more!)

Support from Laura Reznek and Valerio Lysander

Laura Reznek: Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Laura Reznek stands out from the crowd the moment she steps on stage. A mesmerising performer with an arresting and effortless soprano, Laura’s richly textured songs open up a darkly atmospheric world that pulls from history, memory, and nature.

Valerio Lysander has taken traces of folk, pop and even a couple of classical characteristics and mixed them together to create a collection of incredibly compelling compositions. The varied yet consistent style of the songs results in an extremely accessible undertaking that can be enjoyed by anyone.