Manos Loizos, (1937-1982) is one of the most iconic Greek/Cypriot composers of our time. He collaborated with some of the greatest Greek musicians including Haris Alexiou, George Dalaras and Mikis Theodorakis and many of his songs have become anthems of the repertory. They are still sung in households, music venues and big concert halls through Greece to this day. We will be performing many of his classic songs in this evening’s event, such as Ah helidoni mou, Tzamaika, Koutsi kithara, O Koutalianos, Delfini delfinaki and so many others. Do join us for an evening of some of the most beautiful, lyrical music we know.

We are so grateful to our dear friend Leandros Toumbas who started this project off and gathered the musicians. He has now gone back to Greece but has given us his blessing to continue this project without him. We do so, always hoping that at some point in the future we will be able to perform with him again.


Katerina Clambaneva, voice
Maria Tsirodimitri, voice/guitar
George Tsolakis, voice/guitar
George Angelopoulos, bouzouki/baglama
Pavlos Carvalho, bouzouki/dzoura/cello