A special one-off boutique gig featuring three of London’s sharpest songwriters….

Lean your ski poles up at the door and slip downstairs and into some extremely comfortable handcrafted musical slacks… The finest aural-timber and ear-furniture you can decorate your mind chalet with. Sup a martini whilst rocking a polo neck and cocking an eyebrow. You’re a tiger, grrr.

Sadly no log fires allowed so we have some orange tinfoil taped to a fan.


LORRAINE WOOD hails from the Hackney of the 1970s. Her stripped-bare style is both fragile and forceful. She performs infrequently. She has been described by folk broadcaster Bob Meyer, as “maybe the best unrecorded / undiscovered female folk roots singer songwriter in the UK at the moment”. She is currently finishing her debut studio album.

ANDREW HARWOOD is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, originally hailing from the sunny Midlands and now, for the moment at least, residing in the equally sunny bowels of Hammersmith and Fulham…
Loves Bowie, Dylan, Lennon, Lou Reed, Rick and Morty and Derek and Clive… Dislikes automated supermarket machines. Will sing for food… Prefers money…


JAMES BURTON is London-based singer-songwriter. He writes about his life, his friends and the people he loves. He is the founder of the London festival, Upstart Crow and launched and runs the London prison rehabilitation music project, Behind Bars. He is currently writing a musical which, one day, he will finish. His reviews span from ‘I could have listened to him all evening’ through to ‘the most depressing songs I have ever heard’. Currently working on his first album – Autumn 2019 (ish).