No Petticoats Here is a project that tells the stories of remarkable women of the First World War through song. Award winning singer, songwriter and musician Louise Jordan tells the stories of women who challenged expectations. From the woman who dressed as a soldier on the Western Front to the women football players banned by the FA, the ambulance drivers running the gauntlet of enemy fire in Flanders and the so-called ‘surplus million’ single women. Inspirational women, working in a time of conflict, leaving a legacy.

Audience feedback, Salisbury Arts Centre, September 2015:
‘You bring these women alive and honour them. Amazing.’
‘Absolutely fantastic, every song gave me goosebumps. A beautiful and eloquent tribute to some incredible women.’

What the press says about Louise Jordan:
‘A stirring, lilting grace’ The Telegraph
‘Absolutely, totally and completely brilliant’ Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2
‘Haunting and unforgettable’ The Sunday Express
‘The fragility of perfection’ FolkWords
‘A masterclass in songwriting’ R2
‘Louise’s vocals are out of this world’ Maverick
‘Absolutely glorious’ FATEA