LUKI is the music project of singer and pianist Lucy Duncan and producer Misha Rivers. Using voice, piano, synths and electronics, they create atmospheric pop that blends the everyday and the imaginary with theatrical and emotive force. Indebted to folk, post-punk, art pop and the odd edges of musical theatre, their music is immersive, narrative driven and direct.

LUKI’s ‘witchy soprano, elegant piano and synth create a sense of time and place out of joint, as if Delia Derbyshire and Brian Eno set up shop in an Edwardian parlour’ (Stewart Smith, The List)

Following the release of ‘Wisps’ on Glasgow’s label GLARC in 2018, LUKI released a single ‘The Parts’ on lathe-cut label Sonido Polifonico. Their debut EP ‘Half True’ will be self released later this year. LUKI’s work has been featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Roddy Hart’s show on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Tees and Amazing Radio.

PEFKIN is the alter ego of Gayle Brogan, Ayrshire-based creator of slowly-unfolding, ritualistic hymnals that draw heavily on the landscape and natural world. Her sound comprises a mesmerising and enigmatic layering of vocals, violin, analogue synth, zither, psaltery, harp, guitar, found objects and field recordings. Pefkin has released 14 albums on labels such as Morc, Wild Silence, Reverb Worship, Digitalis, Pseudoarcana and Siren Wire as well as several sold-out lathe cuts on Sonido Polifonico. Pefkin’s music has received comparisons to Coil, Popul Vuh and Nico. Gayle is a multi-instrumentalist who is also a member of Burd Ellen, whose album “Says The Never Beyond” featured in several top 10s for 2020.

Spooked-out twilight listening that is both unsettling and compelling, drawing you into a private world. (Ed Pinsent / Sound Projector)