LUKI is a singer, pianist and synth player based in Glasgow. She began her musical career by accident (in her late twenties) after making a soundscape for a toilet at a party and realising, quite suddenly, that everything before had been a mistake.

Luki’s music sounds like it should be in a mysterious, enrapturing film – it’s narrative driven, evocative, and with delicate touches of the surreal (Pink Wafer).  Her ‘witchy soprano, elegant piano and synth create a sense of time and place out of joint, as if Delia Derbyshire and Brian Eno set up shop in an Edwardian parlour’ (Stewart Smith, The List)


PEFKIN is the alter ego of Gayle Brogan, Ayrshire-based creator of slowly-unfolding, ritualistic psychedelic hymnals that draw heavily on the landscape and natural world. She uses layers of vocals, violin, analogue synth and zither, has received comparisons to Coil, Popul Vuh and Nico, and has performed at GI Festival, a symposium on alchemy in sound, on a remote Orkney island in a kelp-drying shed, Terrascopian Woolf festival and on Radio 3’s Exposure strand. She is also a member of Barrett’s Dottled Beauty, Electroscope, Burd Ellen, Meadowsilver and a sometime United Bible Student.

Spooked-out twilight listening that is both unsettling and compelling, drawing you into a private world. (Ed Pinsent / Sound Projector)

Something akin to what it must have been like hearing Nico’s ‘Marble Index’ when it was released; alien yet curiously familiar, beautiful yet stark, hypnotic yet troubling. (Grey Malkin / Active Listener)