The Lada Obradović Project is project led by Croatian drummer and composer Lada Obradovic, who connected four amazing French and Swiss players she met moving to finish her master studies in Switzerland.
Jean-Lou Treboux – vibraphone/marimba
Valentin Conus – tenor/soprano saxophone
David Tixier – piano
Blaise Hommage – double bass/electric bass
Lada Obradović – drums/percussion/compositions
Lada writes: ‘I began to collect the pieces of the project long ago. By obtaining traces of separate motifs which after some time appeared as a frame of the same idea that was repeating itself again and again. I realized that they gave a clear direction to my way of looking at the socio-problematic aspect of our society. After gathering, remembering and finally writing down all of the small particles that screamed out the same messages, I understood that the project had matured and could begin making its roots.’

Wild Flower is an all-star band led by saxophonist Matt Anderson playing original music inspired by the sound and approach of jazz legend Wayne Shorter, alongside new arrangements of classic and lesser-known Shorter compositions. The band released their debut album featuring special guest trumpeter Laura Jurd in 2015 on the Jellymould Jazz label to widespread critical acclaim and airplay on BBC Radio 3 alongside a 13-date national tour and launch gig at Pizza Express Dean Street.
Matt Anderson – Tenor Saxophone
Alex Munk – Electric Guitar
Jamil Sheriff – Piano
Sam Vicary – Double-Bass
Sam Gardner – Drums
“This is sophisticated stuff, with a proper handle on Shorter’s post-bop genius… Everyone plays superbly and the whole set is wholly recommended.” ***** Mark Gilbert, Jazz Journal
“The strength of this album… is that although Shorter may be the inspiration, these musicians… are very much their own people. This is a strong start from six players who sound like they get on very well together.” Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast