MATT HOLBORN and KOUROSH KANANI have been partners in jazz for more than a decade, taking the acoustic stylings of Django Reinhardt and the sound of Jazz Manouche as inspiration to create their own improvisational language.

​Kourosh is of Iranian/Irish descent, growing up in Leeds, he learnt guitar from a young age picking up music from everywhere. Studying fingerstyle guitar and moving on to Django, then John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Iranian Classical Music and Karnatic Rhythm; Kourosh is an eclectic and powerful guitarist.

​​Matt is a Hull born, Edinburgh raised violinist, learning classical music as a child before finding jazz and improvised music. A consummate performer who has entrenched himself in the study of Jazz, various forms of Romani and Eastern European fiddle styles and Hindustani Classical music.

Their recent 2022 release “A Duo” is a snapshot in time, a culmination of 10 years of playing, thinking and talking about jazz together. A collection of some of their favourite jazz standards played with warmth, humour and care. An album of acoustic, straight ahead jazz that veers off just the right amount.