MATT WOOSEY: Matt Woosey has made a career of defying expectations. His albums break down the confines of genre. His performances span from eyeball-to-eyeball solo sets in fans’ living rooms, to thundering full-band explosions that shake the most prestigious venues in Europe. He’s an artist who slips the creative handcuffs of the industry, a trailblazer with no reverse gear, a guitar visionary whose palette bleeds into folk, rock, ambient and more, having been first turned on to the world of music by the blues.

RACHAEL JEAN HARRIS: Rachael Jean Harris carves a highly individual sound, blurring the lines between folk, jazz and indie, drawing from a love of adventurous writers such as PJ Harvey, Esperanza Spalding and Kate Bush and allowing a love of poetry and literature to shine in her thoughtful, evocative lyrics.  The majority of her songs fall into rich themes surrounding the lives of people on the raw edges of existence – women in conflict zones, men in long term confinement; whilst her recent work takes on more personal themes as she discovers how journeys through grief, past relationships and new freedoms find solace and reverberation within the natural world.
“Natural, intuitive, and utterly spellbinding…” (Paul Fitzgerald for Bido Lito!)