MILTON HIDE: Personal, amusing, heartbreaking and relevant – a Milton Hide gig is always memorable, strong in melody and full of hooks. Storytellers, many of their songs are are grounded in traditional English song, whilst others are rooted in other folk traditions such as Appalachian, Klezmer and popular music.

Milton Hide is the stage name of Jim and Josie Tipler, a grey and uncool married couple who, for some reason (despite liking to perform in slippers and cardigans), receive rapturous applause from audiences of all ages and comments such as ‘That was a surprise’, ‘I didn’t expect that’, ‘Nice cardigan’, ‘Wow!’ and ‘When is your album going to be available?’ Milton Hide have opened for R2 Folk Awards Winner Jim Moray and supported the legendary Martin Carthy and the iconic singer-songwriter Steve Tilston. Here’s what people said about Little Fish, Milton Hide’s first release:

“…A superior folk-club act with a great deal of potential.” Rock’n’Reel magazine

“…high in melodic quality, perfectly-matched voices and rich with storytelling…” Folk Words

“Lovely stuff” Mike Harding

“There is a wonderful streak in Little Fish that sees the duo take a meandering walk through song and exemplifies the sheer depth and versatility they possess.” Artree

“This is a surprisingly enchanting EP” Northern Sky Magazine

“This is one of those mini-albums which goes straight onto my playlists in its entirety, with its thought-provoking lyrics and catchy tunes.” Trevor Oxborrow – The Folk Show