* * * * “A true original…a soulful performer. An adventurous and impressive set that blends African styles with jazz”  – The Guardian 

* * * * “Melodies that speak to the heart ” – Sunday Times


NAMVULA is a singer and songwriter whose artistic journey is an exploration of cultural intersections and heartfelt storytelling. Her music reflects the nuances and complexities of her mixed Zambian and Scottish heritage, and a restlessness born of her diasporic upbringing.

Weaving together a global soundscape that takes inspiration from the deep grooves of Africa, the lyrical sensibility of folk-pop, and the improvisational freedom of jazz, Namvula transports listeners into different worlds with refreshing honesty, crossing boundaries with sonic sensitivity and evocative lyricism.

Namvula pens emotive and thought-provoking songs. She sings about the beauty and ugliness of life, its creativity, its tenderness and cruelty, and the power of the stories that it holds, both simple and complex. Her music invites listeners to join her on this journey of introspection and connection. Her admiration for the strong women who populate her lineage has informed her interest in and sensitivity to broader politics including feminism, the climate emergency, and migration.

At the core, Namvula is a storyteller with an over-arching hope in our capacity as humans to touch each other’s hearts and to fill the world with a little more grace, and a little more love.



Doors open 7pm. Music starts 8.30pm. The venue is mixed seated and standing. Tables are limited and available on a first come first served basis so, if you’d like a seat, we recommend arriving early!