NORTON MONEY is a harmony driven Alternative-Americana band with soul.

The band was formed by musicians Dan Beaulaurier & Jeremy Mendonca in 2006. In the years that followed they performed extensively in the UK, USA and Europe. Their self-titled debut was released in March 2007 and the follow-up, ‘Double EP’, recorded at the renowned Union Chapel and at Dan’s flat, was released July 2009.

The band is currently performing in support of their third album ‘The Ballad Of Hi & Lo’ with the aid of bassist and vocalist Anna Robinson and drummer Jamie Shaw.

“This London based Americana outfit delivers an album of diversity in both style and tempo where even the most surefooted performer can stumble into the realm of cliche, Norton Money manage to operate within this familiar soundscape without teetering into mere pastiche.” – Neil McLeod, Rock & Reel Magazine, 2017


THE TWILIGHT ZONE is the coming together of three songwriters who tap into their dreamy, spacey, atmospheric side, combining ethereal and sometimes haunting vocals, pedal steel, acoustic guitar and baritone guitar. It’s like traveling in time where everything becomes possible, between light and shadows.

Whether co-writing with the Orb, re interpreting Roy Orbison with Brian Eno or creating a context for the pedal Steel in Folk music with Martin Simpson, BJ Cole continues to prove himself the most essential and pioneering Pedal Steel Guitarist in the UK today.

His uniquely eclectic style of Pedal Steel Guitar playing first made an impact on the British music scene in the early 1970’s with his performances on Elton John’s classic ‘Tiny Dancer’ and Joan Armatrading’s hit single ‘Down To Zero’.

Throughout the ’70’s and into the ’80’s, BJ’s inimitable contributions to classic recordings by Marc Bolan, Scott Walker, The Stranglers, kd lang, Deacon Blue and Paul Young earned him considerable respect as both an innovative and exciting creative force.

During the ’90’s, BJ’s desire to pioneer the use of the Pedal Steel Guitar far beyond it’s traditional context in Country Music has ensured that he has continued to expand the instrument’s horizons into uncharted territory.

Grace Solero is a true one-of-a-kind artist who’s hard to pigeonhole. She possesses a visceral voice of astounding range and a powerful stage presence that points to past dance, theatre acting and gymnastics training. She conveys deep emotions, darkness and light combined, revealing a songcraft that shies away from the ordinary, spanning with ease from hard rock to folk.

In the group she lends her name to, her star quality is matched by that of California-born, London-based lead guitarist, singer/songwriter Dan Beaulaurier, whose style displays a rare mix of technical mastery and real soul. The versatile Bjorn Zetterlund on bass and multi instrumentalist Dave Guy on drums/percussion complete the band.

Together they play raw, grungy, dreamy, atmospheric rock in a highly dynamic and energetic show, both sonically and visually. They have been performing everywhere from intimate clubs to large stages in both Europe and the USA.