Four musicians from different groups based in London come together to bring you an evening of songs which although are born out of Rebetiko, even in their original form already had the colour of jazz and a more modern era in them. Composers such as Tsitsanis, Hiotis and Mitsakis may have been fathers of Rebetiko, but they absorbed the sounds of American jazz, French manouche, latin dances, which they would have heard on journeys and over the radio, eventually making this new language an integral part of their sound and began taking Greek music in new and exciting directions. The songs performed this evening are each gems of the era and despite the ingredients of jazz, swing and Latin, remain uniquely Greek.

Singer, Marina Deligianni (Plastikes Karekles, Enthymion), bouzouki player, Pavlos Carvalho (Plastikes Karekles) Bouzouki/baglama, Spiros Bolovinis,(Kourelou, Moosootoo) and jazz and swing guitarist, Giorgos Alevizakis (Midas 22, Nouvelle Manouche) reinterpret these classic songs from 40s and 50s Greece.