RAINBOW GIRLS is a collaborative ofsongwriters, multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, and California natives who’ve spent the last 4 years touring Europe and the US as a rock n’ roll band, but who’ve recently returned to their folkier roots by embarking on a house concert tour across America.This new trio version of the band (Erin Chapin, Caitlin Gowdey, & Vanessa May) highlights their rich harmonies, ageless songwriting, and soulful, bluesy sound at its rawest form.The ladies came together at an underground open mic in Santa Barbara, CA in December of 2010 and spent the following summer busking and couch surfing around Europe. Since then they have released two studio albums and toured the US and Europe extensively.

“The name Rainbow Girls is misleading. With a name like that it is easy to assume this troupe is an easy-going, mandolin-plucking, sundress-twirling, but the Rainbow Girls are something distinctly unique and wildly more varied than a typical band; voices that occasionally sound more like Carolina Chocolate Drops than sweet-natured California coast girls; other times belting into jazzy riffs, and then shifting gears to a Country & Western lament.” – Phil Busse,The Source Weekly
“Just occasionally one comes across a band for the first time who truly move, excite and lift one so totally as to get absolutely caught up in the moment and the music… They play with soul, spirit and energy, are talented and versatile musicians, have beautiful voices and write stunning and catchy songs. On top of this they are all
terrific people with a great attitude and positivity who clearly adore playing and just want people to hear and enjoy their music too.” – Richard Shashamane,Norwich Blog
“The Rainbow Girls describe themselves as ‘rock n’ roll, folk, world, Americana, funk, psychedelic (and) alternative.’ That’s a start. It’s far from the whole picture, though.”
Brian McElhiney, -The Bulletin