Sun 12th September 2:30pm
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£ 7.00

Rebet Asker is a restaurant/music venue which has seen all the great Greek musicians and from the 20th century through to today pass through it. The walls of this little place in a small side street by Piraeus harbour have witnessed the history of the Greek Rebetiko as it has evolved over the last one hundred years and through this series of Sunday gigs we will do our best to recreate some of the magic of these musicians and their songs as it started and developed.

Times: 2-5pm

Musicians of Plastikes Karekles
Maria Tsirodimitri, voice/guitar
Spiros Bolovinis, voice/bouzouki/baglama
Pavlos Carvalho, voice/bouzouki/baglama
George Angelopoulos, bouzouki/baglama

Please do bring your instruments, friends, families…especially children. There is room for everyone!